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16 Mycotoxins including Aflatoxins, Trichothecenes and others like Gliotoxin


Tests for 16 mycotoxins with ELISA

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Testing for mycotoxins in humans is a simple and usually noninvasive procedure. In most cases, only a urine sample is required. Testing can also be done on nasal secretions, sputum or tissue biopsy collected by a physician. 26 states + DC now allow patients to order their own lab tests (check website to see if your state applies). If you reside in one of those states, you may purchase your DAT (Direct Access Test) online. Non-DAT patients must have a physician’s order to purchase. If mold or mycotoxins are found to be present, the ordering healthcare professional can schedule a consultation with our medical team to discuss treatment options. 

The RealTime Labs mycotoxin test detects 16 different mycotoxins, including 9 macrocyclic trichothecenes. Testing is done using competitive ELISA, a very sensitive detection method using antibodies prepared against mycotoxins. The validation testing has been published in peer reviewed journal (2009). In fact, RealTime Labs was recently granted a U.S. patent for its macrocyclic trichothecene test.

Mycotoxins are well documented for their toxic effects on the human cell, causing a number of problems in normal cell function and association with a wide variety of clinical symptoms and diseases as shown below.


  • Kidney Toxicity
  • Immune Suppression
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Acute Pulmonary Hemorrhage
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Birth Defects

All mycotoxin testing results are displayed in an easy-to-understand numeric format, showing detection levels in ppb as standardized by the FDA, WHO, CDC and Food Industry for clinical use. Results also tell if the test was present or not present, or equivocal, along with ranges of detection for each.

A group of mycotoxins produced by some Aspergillus species and some Penicillium species, especially P. verrucosum and P. carbonarius. Ochratoxin A is the most prevalent and relevant fungal toxin of this group, while ochratoxins B and C are of lesser importance.

Refunds for tests purchased from our website are allowed if requested within 21 days from receipt of payment AND prior to submission of the clinical specimen or environmental sample to the laboratory. Once the specimen or sample has been given to the shipping company for delivery, we will be unable to offer a refund. The refund amount will be 75% of the purchase price. Notification of intent to cancel must be conveyed by email to Sam Clark at [email protected] or via telephone at 972-492-0419 x120.

Mycotoxins We Test For

Ochratoxin A (OTA) – A toxin produced by different Aspergillus and Penicillium species — is one of the most-abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins. It is also a frequent contaminant of water-damaged houses and of heating ducts. Exposure can also come from inhalation in water-damaged buildings.

Zearalenone – Zearalenone (ZEA) is a mycotoxin that is mainly produced by Fusarium fungi. Zearalenone has a strong affinity towards the estrogen receptor, which can lead to increased activation of the receptor. This activation can lead to multiple reproductive disorders such as low sperm count, abnormal levels of progesterone, disruption of ovulation, infrequent periods, reduced birth weight, and lower survival rate of the fetus.

Besides the reproductive problems that ZEA can cause, it can also cause detrimental effects on the intestinal tract. ZEA can decrease the cellular integrity of the cells that form the intestinal barrier. This can lead to a phenomenon known as “leaky gut.” ZEA has a negative effect on the microbiota in the gut and patients with high ZEA levels have decreased microbial diversity in their gut, which can lead to a variety of problems. Lastly, ZEA has been shown to cause enhanced cell proliferation of colon carcinoma cell lines. ZEA down-regulates the expression of tumor-suppressor genes in intestinal cells. This could lead to a higher risk of cancer.

A family of fungi strains that affect plant products, aflatoxins have been linked to liver cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other health issues. Exposure occurs when consuming contaminated plant products, eating meat or dairy from animals that have eaten contaminated feed, or inhaling dust while working with contaminated products.

Gliotoxin – The most common cause of mold diseases in humans is Aspergillus fumigatus, which produces gliotoxin, a mycotoxin that suppresses the immune system. Found in many homes and buildings, A. fumigatus typically only infects individuals with compromised immune systems but can be deadly: Invasive Aspergillosis (IA) is the leading cause of death in immunocompromised people.

Produced by at least five types of fungi, this group of mycotoxins includes around 170 types of toxins. Some types contaminate plants, including grains, fruits, and vegetables. Others thrive in soil and decaying organic material. Several types of trichothecenes are infamously produced by Stachybotrys chartarum, also called black mold.

Why Mold Urine Tests?

Testing for mold exposure using a mold urine test might seem counter intuitive but it is actually the best way to find mold in the body. Mycotoxin exposure is a serious medical issues that can cause other health problems, Realtime Labs uses small urine test to determine if you have been exposed to toxic mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mycotoxin testing?
Mycotoxin testing detects the presence of harmful mycotoxin metabolites caused by mold or fungi in the body or home with a Urine or Environmental test.

How can mycotoxins be detected?
Mycotoxins can be detected with urine or home dust sample using one of our mycotoxin test kits.

What does a positive mycotoxin test mean?
It means that you have detectable levels of mycotoxins in the sample tested. After receiving a positive test you should consult your doctor for further testing and advice.

At Home Test Kit

At Home Test Kit

Testing is simple, only requiring a small amount of urine. Instructions are included with each Mycotoxin Urine Test.

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