Mycotoxin Testing for Physicians

Are Your Patients Sick of Being Sick?

RealTime Labs can provide you with the tools and research you need to help them.

What Sets Us Apart

RealTime Labs is the acknowledged expert and leader in clinical and environmental mycotoxin testing. We are accredited by regulatory organizations CAP and CLIA to perform Clinical Mycotoxin Testing.

We have the largest Test Panel with the detection of 16 mycotoxins, which are clinically significant. In 15 years, we have performed over 200,000 mycotoxin tests in the United States.

Join the #1 Resource in Mycotoxin Testing

RealTime Labs currently has a distinguished network of over 2,000 health care providers working on the forefront of the war on exposure to environmental toxins. Become a Provider today and we’ll provide the tools, expertise and research you need.

Become a Provider

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