International Mycotoxin Testing

RealTime Labs Now Accepts International Orders

RealTime Laboratories is now serving patients and practitioners worldwide. You can now ship samples to our headquarters in Texas and receive the same high-quality and accuracy of our mycotoxin tests.

Our international clients can also receive a complimentary consultation with every test. For questions regarding international services or to schedule a consultation, contact us at [email protected] or +1- 972-492-0419 ext 157

International Providers

If you are new to RealTime Labs, please register here.

As a registered provider, you will have access to our portal, where you will receive your patient’s results, as well as free testing kits (sample shipping not included). Our kits include all the paperwork and supplies needed to ship samples internationally. 

International Patients

We recommend finding a provider or partner in your area who is familiar with our testing. If a provider isn’t available in your area or they aren’t registered with RealTime Labs, you can order your test here.

Once you place your order, we will ship your testing kit, including all the paperwork, supplies, and instructions to ship your sample internationally.

Download International Shipping Instructions

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International Partners

RealTime Labs has partnered with key laboratories around the world. These partners can assist you with ordering our tests, shipping your sample, and getting your results. Click on their logo to order. If you don’t see a partner in your area, visit our International Patients section below.





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